If you need a Party Band in Norfolk Suffolk, London, Manchester, Birmingham or indeed if you are looking for probably the Best Party Band in the UK, you will need to look no further. PartyX have a first class reputation for co-ordination with their clients, arriving on time, being polite and supplying probably the best Party Band any Wedding or Corporate event could wish for. Superb Party Lighting, Backdrops and Effects and even a Party DJ can be included for your convenience

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Party X are a very experienced Party Band of Professional musicians with experience playing venues from Hotels to The Major Stadiums throughout America. They have performed on countless hit singles
and albums in Recording Studio's throughout  the world.
In the world of party entertainment PartyX have an excellent reputation as you can see from their testimonials & client list. This would give them a chance of being considered the No.1 Party Band in the UK.
Our approach is simple; a great sound is our priority, it must be dynamic, accurate and excite the listener.
Add to this our professional approach from the initial booking to playing the final number and you have our wining package. The key to achieving a dynamic sound is to use real drums and bass.
Add to this, great musicians and the same technology as used by chart topping acts during live performance and you have Ďthe soundí.  A high quality sound requires the best PA; we use Logic Systems PA equipment, regarded by many engineers as second to none. Although sound is our priority, to create the right atmosphere the lighting of the band must augment the performance.
With this in mind, PartyX provides rear and side lighting rigs that light the band and dance floor.


The line-up of the band is bass, drums, guitar, keyboards, singers (male and female) and
sound engineer. Yes, sound engineer! In our experience, musicians on a stage cannot judge accurately how the audience hears the blend
of instruments. By placing the engineer in the audience with control over the mix the
best sound is achieved.

To produce a high quality sound,
experienced, talented and well rehearsed musicians are essential.

The musicians in PartyX have been carefully picked for the job in hand and without doubt
have the X factor!

Tim Marriot Drums




Guitar PartyX



When you book a band for your important occasion we recognise and understand that a
great deal of planning, expense and time has almost certainly been spent organising the event.
Itís our pledge that we will do everything necessary to ensure that our involvement proceeds smoothly and according to plan. Our simple contract helps clarify the basics such as; date,
venue, times, stage area / power requirements and payment terms.

The PartyX people make a point of not forgetting the objective, to make your event a great event.
We constantly consider the choice of songs we play and look at ways to improve what we do.
A booking is not just another gig to us, itís a performance following many years of work
by a team of musicians enjoying what they do best.